MOM <3 COLLECTIVE Candle Subscription

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Mother’s Day, Birthday, Easter, Christmas or just because, Celebrate Mom all year long with a Mom 🤍 Collective candle subscription. 

All hand poured and lovingly crafted, each of the 12 candles are perfectly blended to bring each month to life aromatically. 

Each month your mom will receive a new 8oz candle to remind her how loved and cherished she is for the full year. 

The 12 months of scents are ALL NEW scents with one major aromatic note blended with minor notes to stabilize and enhance. 

  • JANUARY - The main this month is bright and cheery vanilla, blended with black tea to stabilize the sweetness and add boldness. 
  • FEBRUARY - This month features beautiful Gardenia blended with linen and Vetiver to lighten and ground the floral notes. 
  • MARCH - This month presents a main note of Cotton with hints of wisteria adding dimension.
  • APRIL - Being the month to usher in Spring, this months scent is a bouquet of Pomegranate with notes of orange blossom and cashmere.   
  • MAY - This month the main floral note is lavender blended amidst soothing black tea. 
  • JUNE - Summer is in full swing as this month features gorgeous Lilac blended among delicate notes of Chamomile. 
  • JULY - This month the primary floral is rich Jasmine paired with luxurious cashmere.
  • AUGUST - This month features long nights and perfect sunsets with Bergamot blended with calming black currant. 
  • SEPTEMBER - As the last of summer fades this month features Magnolia amidst Peonies and a stabilizing blend of Vetiver.
  • OCTOBER - Fall is in full swing this month as Orange Blossom mixes with Clove for a soothing familiar blend.
  • NOVEMBER - This month ushers in a perfect blend of Fig Trees, Cashmere and Tuberose. 
  • DECEMBER - We say hello to winter this month with sharp White Birch amidst notes of Vetiver for the perfect Christmas scent.