Posture Decor- Handmade Home Decor & Gifts

Hi! I'm Nikki. I live in the sleepy town of Hilliard, OH. We moved here in 2018 from Seattle.

I am a pastors wife, momma to three amazing kiddos and I have a profound love for design. 

Having spent my career as a marketing & creative director in the high end residential architecture field I found myself surrounded by people who were paid $$$ for their design expertise. I picked up a few things along the way on how to create space in a room with the end goal of creating an overall amazing home ambiance. Everything I make it something I would put in my own home. I stick to simple, clean elements and focus on usability. 

All of my products are hand made by me here in Hilliard. I absolutely love working with raw materials and making beautiful things that I can share with all of you! I go into every new piece, scroll, or fragrance with the intention of building something beautiful and calming. I have all of you in mind and I create things that I would love too. PLUS - if approach my pricing structure the same way. If I wouldn't pay for that, then I wont' ask you to. After all, I am a pastor's wife and we don't have gobbs of money to burn on home decor. 

I sincerely you find something you love that when you bring it into your home it helps you feel a sense of calm and brings beauty.

Happy shopping! Nikki